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This room is a fluorescent tomb. [Jul. 19th, 2004|10:48 pm]
[mood |sicksick]
[music |hella - the devil isn't red]

It's been a while since i posted. not like anyone cares. but yeah. cameron and i had a lot of fun while he was out here. so much happened and i really can't begin to explain it all. cameron picked up surfing while he was here, and i think he's hooked now. on the 4th day he had it completely down. it was awesome, he learned soo fast. now california will rock even more. ahh we did a lot. we saw spiderman 2 and anchorman. i liked spiderman 2 and anchorman was kinda eh. about what i expected i guess. like cameron said the blood brothers was definitely the highlight of the trip. they were soooo good. i've had their songs stuck in my head for like 2 weeks now. they won't go away, but this is a good thing. there were a lot of really random occurances and people that we met. there was this guy who was like in his 40s and was really good at surfing, and he just was so stoked about everything. he reminded me of the grandpa in johnny tsunami. every time a set would come he'd yell "hot action" lol. you had to be there. sorry. some of my family was down here for a little bit, so cameron got to meet them. that was fun. we went to the boardwalk one night. there were these guys breakdancing in the street and people were giving them money. there was some 12 year old that had to be on crack. there is no other explanation. we met some other 12 year old surfing, his name was patrick. he was pretty crazy. just such random times, i can't even explain them because you had to be there. we walked to the beach at night a bunch and had some good deep conversation. i learned a lot about cameron i didn't know. one night we walked down and ran into a kid craig we knew from surfing. and then we met his 4 friends that were all from mahwah (where i used to live) so that was kinda crazy. there was a huge huge storm one night that we watched while listening to the mars volta in my room with some candles. the storms out here are so great. the wind was pretty intense and it rained quite a bit, so the streets were a little flooded down by the beach. there was a kid kayaking across the intersection. lol, i got a kick out of that. i thought it'd make a good background to a flyer but we didn't have a camera and by the time we got back home it was getting dark and starting to rain again. and most importantly we ate a lot of carini's (the italian pizza place down the street) and ran to wawa at least 3 times a day. i think we drank over 10 half gallon containers of iced tea while he was here. that stuff is so addicting.
after cameron left i've pretty much just been working. hah i'm a 'supervisor' now so i get paid an extra 50 cents an hour. oh yeah. i finished reading the hobbit, and started 'and you shall know our velocity' by dave eggers. he is by far my favorite author.
the waves were the best i have ever seen them at our break in my entire life. and apparently it was better this morning but i had to work. blah. i was talking to some kids out there and they said it was 4-6 feet and kids were getting barrelled (this is huge for NJ). when i went out it was still about 2-5ft (still huge for NJ) and it was just me and shawn (a 12 year old who surfs better than me). we both caught some pretty good waves. i sorta got pounded a few times though. the last wave i rode in i had to bail out and the board went up in the air and hit me right behind my ear when i came up. that kinda hurt. i have a huge bump. but i cannot complain. this past week has had some of the best surf all summer. oh but i will complain about getting sick...i think i got it from my mom. this sucks. and right before haley comes too. :< i'm attempting to get up at 7 tomorrow to go surf with a few kids from work before we start. i don't know if i'll be able to get up.
i talked to matt for a while one night while he was in washington. it was so good to hear his voice. i miss matt dearly :<. but i'm happy to hear he's back home safe in az. i hope everyone else is having fun. it seems everyone is off somewhere for a few weeks, there haven't been many updates lately.
ahhh haley is flying in tomorrow!!! i'm so psyched. that's going to be soo much fun. hah, we're going to an alpaca farm. i can't wait. and hopefully i will teach her to surf. another week of fun ahead. i really can't wait. school is just around the corner..which is both good and bad. for reasons you already know. so i won't state them. anyways, hope everyone is doing well. i should probably go to bed now. goodnight.

sorry this entry was all over the place. i can't think or focus. too tired and sick and too much to cover.
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Fireworks... [Jul. 4th, 2004|10:50 pm]
[mood |peacefulpeaceful]
[music |cursive - fairytales tell tales]

today was nice. work went by pretty fast. i got home and checked the surf, it was eh. and i didn't feel like going. too tired. so, i made some dinner and hung around for a while. and i discovered that MTV Cribs was on all day. now maybe i'm a freak, but nothing relaxes me like watching cribs. i just love seeing what other people do with their houses, how people waste their money, and how creative people can get. i'm going to have fun decorating my house one day.
well, after watching cribs for about 2 hours, i walked down to the beach to watch the fireworks with my mom. they did a good job this year. the east coast knows how to do fireworks. it was a really laid-back, relaxing time. i was surprised at how many people were at our beach. it was crazy. but everyone was all bundled up in blankets and beach chairs watching them together. there were a couple guys playing acoustic guitars and singing. the only thing it was missing was a bonfire. i could watch fireworks forever. it's the best feeling. your feet in the sand, the moon over the ocean, a cool breeze, all the boats off the coast watching them, people everywhere, the sound of the waves. i just feel completely at peace when i'm watching them. the only downside every year is that it makes me feel really lonely. there are couples everywhere, enjoying them together. cuddling up. i don't know. i guess it's just a constant reminder for me. it's the kind of moment that would be so much better with someone else there..whatever.
so one more day of work, then i think i'm off for a while. cameron gets here wednesday. the fun shall begin. i feel like i need to get away from things...yet i'm not even in arizona. strange. i think cameron feels the same, so it will be a nice little catharsis for us both. god it will be so good to see a familiar face. we're going to have so much fun. expect these entries to become a lot more entertaining in the next week and a half. sorry to bore people with all of this. ok. i think i'm done now. i hope everyone enjoyed their night. be safe, have fun. goodnight.
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fireworks [Jul. 4th, 2004|12:12 am]
[mood |draineddrained]
[music |The Mars Volta - Take The Veil Cerpin Taxt]

well it's 4th of july weekend, which means there are 987987098 people down for the weekend. no parking spots, traffic everywhere, chaos. there are so many people here. 3 days till cameron gets here. crazy. can't wait. work has been going well.. can't complain. i just finished the davinci code. i thought it was a good read, it was fun. some neat facts. the story was a little too unbelievable, sorta hollywood ish. anyways, i just like complaining, don't get me wrong, i did think it was a good book. there were like 8 other people reading it that came to the beach every day, so we kept exchanging our thoughts on it. i just started the hobbit. i've always wanted to read the tolkien trilogy, i guess i'll start now. i want to get another eggers book though. he's the man.
the surf sucked today, there was a current, and the water was brown and there was seaweed and people everwhere. yuck. but to cameron and haley...it's not always like this :/ our beach just changes a lot. waves are always different, it's like a different beach every day. i love it. most of the time it rocks. you'll see :/. i've realized that this has been more like an update for all my close friends rather than a journal. oh well. when i came home i was just dead tired, so i took a nap for 2 hours. and the rest of the night just disappeared. i played tony hawk 3, lit a candle, and listened to hella in my room for a while. just relaxed a bit.
tomorrow...or today i suppose. is the 4th of july. i'll probably just go down to our beach and watch the fireworks. it's been a tradition for me i guess. i do the same thing every year. blah, the beach will be packed tomorrow...hopefully i'll get one nobody goes to. i don't feel like doing anything tomorrow. it sucks, you'd think sitting around in the sun all day at work, you'd be filled with energy upon coming home. but you get drained. the sun makes you tired. so i haven't been doing anything athletic aside from surfing. i need to start running again. ok i've wasted enough space here. i hope everyone has an awesome fourth of july.
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this is a 44 caliber love letter straight from my heart... [Jul. 1st, 2004|12:43 am]
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |the blood brothers - burn piano island, burn]

well i just got home from seeing alexisonfire up in fords, nj. the show was really good. it was a really small stage and not much room for the crowd because it was in a record store, but they played well. george cut his hair, as jordan told me.. i was bummed. anyways, i bought their new cd and im going to go listen to it while i fall asleep. they were going to play all new songs, but then they decided to close with 44 caliber love letter. so it was good to hear one that everyone recognized. i took pics and got a few video clips too. oh yeah, midtown played too, i had no idea they were coming. but it was an acoustic set, and i kinda left before them...sorry lyle and tyler, i'm not a huge fan. i saw them with thrice once, so i figured i was covered. well lets see. i went to wal mart with my mom before the show, and i bought this awesome little treasure chest looking thing. i didn't know what i was going to put in it, but it was just so cool that i had to have it. i've decided it's going to be my spare change holder though. it will rock.
the last two days i've had off. which has been nice. i went surfing all day yesterday. the water was freezing. but there were about 10 people out, which is a ton for our beach. so that was cool meeting some new people.
it's 1 now...i don't want to get up for work tomorrow. blah. cameron comes in a week. i can't wait.........oh so much fun.
i've said it before, but since i didn't post on your respective days, happy birthday danielle!!! and happy birthday tara!!! i hope you both had an awesome time celebrating. i'm sorry i missed your birthdays. i will return with gifts.
well, i think are some things that happened recently that are worth writing. but i can't remember them. it's too late. i'm too tired. can't think. blah. must sleep..
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no subject [Jun. 25th, 2004|10:46 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |existi - all they can see]

well, i haven't written for quite some time. been sorta busy i guess, that and lazy, well about updating at least. lets see, i was up in north jersey last weekend for a wedding. it was for my sister's cousin. he married a rich italian girl. the wedding was....insane. i can't even imagine how much it cost. i'm really not going to try to describe it, because that would take a long time and still come across as less than it really was. it was definitely the nicest wedding i've ever been to, and probably the nicest i'll ever attend. there were like 20 people flown out from italy. they didn't speak a word of english. there were 300+ people total. free drinks, enough food to feed a small country, one of those chocolate fountains, ice sculptures, the works. i promised i wouldn't describe it..but really, they went all out. i hope for brad's sake that they have a great, long-lasting marraige, because if they don't, he'll be swimmin with the fishes (heh heh cameron). sorry.
so after visiting my grandma again, we headed back down to the shore. i started work on tuesday. and have worked every day since. it's been nice, relaxing. i don't like getting up so early, but it's good that i am, i'm finally on a decent sleep schedule. i finished my book today. it was probably the best book i've ever read. well i don't know about that, but i enjoyed reading it more than i have any other book. the author's tone is great, it's really a funny, well-written book, and i find that i can relate to it in many ways. or at least how i think. that's important in a book, being able to relate to it.
anyways, my family has been down since tuesday as well. 5 nieces and nephews, my brother, and 2 of my sister-in-laws..all scampering around this crowded condo. the last of them left today, but it was really great seeing everyone again. i didn't get to spend as much time with them as i would have liked because of work. but i still got a fair amount in. the kids are growing up so fast. it's sort of depressing. but also exciting..(not the word i'm looking for). i went surfing yesterday. there were a bunch of people out when i went to check, that's kind of odd for our beach. but by the time i got back there most of the people had left. the surf was really small, and breaking close in, but really really clean and fun nonetheless. i played with kelly and his remote controlled car, and then found some hermit crabs with lily and katelyn, then went out and pushed them into some waves on their boogie boards. there's nothing better than having family here at the shore.
i can't really think of what else that's been happening. i burned my finger on the oven rack today. hmm oh yeah, i just played mini golf with my oldest brother tonight. that was fun, i rock at that course. sorry. 5 years of training. hmm, i played tennis with my other brother kelly and nephew zachary yesterday, that was fun, but tiring. zach is unbelievably athletic for being 8? it's amazing. he's the star of his team in soccer, plays baseball, basketball, tennis can throw the frisbee, everything. all of the kids are amazing, they're great. i love them. and watching them grow up. i'm so lucky to be in the family situation i'm in. i can't go into this though because nobody knows them, and it would bore you. and i would hate to do that. this thanksgiving my entire family is coming out though, sooo i will have some people over so everyone can meet them. and hopefully we'll get a show set up while they're here. i'd love that.
i'm really jumping around with this entry, i can't think/focus. i'm having trouble with this one, sorry. well 12 days till cameron comes out. and 25 till haley comes! two incredibly awesome things to look forward to. i miss everyone back home, and hope that you're all enjoying your summers. just have fun. well, i'm done, i hate this entry, i'll probably edit it later. well i'm just saying that, i'd like to. but i doubt i will. my apologies again. take care everyone.
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(no subject) [Jun. 17th, 2004|06:02 pm]
[mood |satisfiedsatisfied]
[music |the postal service - clark gable]

FINALLY.....good waves. today i woke up at 12, good thing i didn't sleep till 3 or i would have missed the best part of the day! anyways, i woke up and drove down to the beach...merely seconds after i woke up...i do this every day. the lifeguards were there setting up this little cabana deal they have by the entrance to our beach, and one of them started talking to me, he said the waves were "super fun and knee to chest high" so that's all i had to hear, i turned around and got my beach stuff. he said he was going to go out when he was done painting the little deal, but he never finished :/ poor guy, i guess he was out in the morning though. easily the best day we've had since i've been here. it was nice and glassy and the wind was offshore for the most part. all the right conditions. so i was out for the better part of the day, took a few breaks to lay on the beach and enjoy my book. i've barely scratched the surface and i'm loving it. i had to read the preface and all of the aknowledgements because i'm a geek and i always do that, then i got into the book, and i like his style of writing so far.....a lot actually. the title is "a heartbreaking work of staggering genius" by dave eggers if anyone cares. i'll let you know how it is as i get further along. i got very tan today, for that i'm happy. it was just a great relaxing day. if the waves were like that more often, i don't think i'd be as bored or lonely. i'm just at peace when i'm in the ocean. i'm a freak sorry. hmm, well i say this everytime, but i'm psyched for trev and cameron coming out, not too long now. can't wait.
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(no subject) [Jun. 17th, 2004|01:46 am]
[mood |numbnumb]
[music |the good life - drinking with the girls]

You thought you had it made
like the songs would write themselves
But your words ran out in oak
And your fingers lost the chords
You wait around so bored
And you hit a bar or two
And you waste your time on girls
You know they're getting you

They love the pain that you create
The drunken fights you fabricate
They've been hurt too worse than you
You told yourself it's not your fault
You told them not to get involved
Some bullshit excuse to escape unbruised
But they'll move on while you're stuck hating yourself deprecation
Your self centered songs
the space you created
between your words and your actions
these loveless liaisons have left you alone
Oh, your game is a loss

You really wish it wasn't like it was
But like before that time you wished it was alittle more
than how you felt before that time
you made a wish to think the way you felt
when you were young
then you realized you'd never ever, ever know enough
You wished and prayed and you tried to stay
in love or at least in your lover's good graces
to keep it going, just keep it going

Cause we'll believe the drinks get stronger
And much, much more frequent
For the sloppy drunk boys
Who hide in their basements
Where the songs write themselves
Yeah it used to be easy
before we got lazy
and drank with the girls
No, no I know it's not your fault
No, no no, no, no you said not to get involved
Whatever makes you happy
Whatever you need to believe
in all these self afflicted tradgedies
You scribble them down on that miserable sound
Oh yes, this is the goodlife

no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no baby

Self deprecation has made it's translation
These lyrics are done

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why do the waves suck lately? [Jun. 16th, 2004|12:22 am]
[mood |nostalgicnostalgic]
[music |godspeed you black emperor! - the buildings are sleeping now]

well i really have no reason to be writing...except that i haven't written in a while.. anyways...i'm really sad because tara couldn't come out. i was looking forward to that sooooooo much...aghh. we had soo many plans! what a let down.. oh well, maybe next year.. so another week of boredom lies ahead....unless the surf picks up. i've been bored out of my mind. sleeping until 12 and doing nothing all day because the waves have been sucking. i really need to get out of the house...i've crossed the line between relaxation and boredom. i start work (if you want to call it that) tuesday, and i'm going to a wedding this weekend. well, at least i have july 7th to look forward to. trev and cameron are definitely coming out for a week. that will be soo much fun, i can't even begin to describe it. it will be soooo awesome to see them again. gahh i miss them so much. that will be a week of crazyness. trev and i always have a blast when he comes out. those are some of the best memories of my life. and haleys is coming out in late july!! woohoo!!! that will surely rock as well. i will be sure to tell everyone all about it. since you've been so kind in sharing your fun times with me. i think some of my family is coming down after the wedding too...that's always fun. i have older half brothers and a half sister that i'm really close with, so it's always great seeing them, and the nieces and nephews, hah. i think i'll make a list.

things that are guaranteed to happen while my family is here: (trevor is probably the only one who will appreciate this..but i will make it just for him...to save your time you may want to skip this)

1. my oldest brother marty will kick everyones ass in scrabble
2. my brother john will be bitten by a crab
3. my nephew kelly will go too far out into the ocean with his boogie board, and i will be left to watch him
4. my niece katelyn will be buried in sand
5. there will be at least 5 attempted sandcastles and 3 attempted holes to china
6. everyone will get out the guitars and sing together
7. my dad will make manhattans for everyone and a big "batch"(as he likes to call it) of popcorn (his special way)
8. my brother marty will read an entertainment weekly magazine.
9. john will buy a case of some beer that no one has ever heard of
10. my brother-in-law greg will show me up at surfing
11. my brother kelly will make pasta, slice an apple, and make sandwiches for his kids
12. my sister-in-law bente will try to tell me that she is taller than me
13. john will laugh louder than anyone else at something on tv

ok i think thats all. trevor will be hysterical, the rest of you will think i'm weird....until you meet my family. i hope you're all having fun camping? if that's what you're doing? i do not know. anyways, i'll stop rambling now. take care everyone.
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i feel at home...sorta [Jun. 13th, 2004|01:18 am]
[mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[music |minus the bear - monkey!!! knife!! fight!!!]

well these last few days have been very relaxing. i haven't done anything very exciting lately. there was a really cool storm 2 nights ago i watched from my room. yesterday it was cold and windy, and today was really nice. i got up at 12 and went to the beach until 4:30. it was the perfect beach day, there was a nice breeze. i surfed a wave just for you lyle. it was a good one too. well, i'm enjoying my time out here, and i love how relaxing it is. tara is supposed to come out next week, so i'm really looking forward to that. i hope she can, it would be so much fun!! i have to get some good surfing in so she doesn't kick my ass when she gets here! but i guess the flights aren't looking too great :< so we'll see what happens. i must say it's sort of nice being away from things for a while, but at the same time i really miss everyone back home. and for those of you that were wondering it IS possible to miss cave creek. i know that seems pretty far-fetched. it's not too bad though because so far i'm having a great time out here, and i know things will only get better. the ocean will heat up a little, and i'm really psyched because i'm pretty sure that trev, cameron, and haley are all coming out sometime later this summer!!! i can't wait for people to visit. this place becomes so much more fun when you have a friend with you, it's amazing the difference it makes, there's so much to do with a friend out here. ahh, i miss the days of hanging out here with trev and just having all these awesome times at the beach or wherever else we went. surfing with mark, going to the boardwalk, hah going on the fishing boat (i caught a starfish, yes...a starfish), ahh god i could go on forever. sooooooooooo many good times and inside jokes. i miss them. :/ well hopefully between walgreens, cameron, and i you'll be able to get a plane ticket out :/. anyways i think i'm done going on about nothing. i hope everyone is having a blast back home. i miss you all very much.
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useless information [Jun. 8th, 2004|03:14 am]

well, i've decided that i should start one of these in order to remember what i did over the summer, and i guess save some time telling people. well, we just got back to our condo, it feels good to be home. i was up in north jersey for 5 days visiting my friend pete. i had a blast, we always seem to have an awesome time. oh man, we did so much, lets see. i guess i'll recap the last 5 days. i promise i'll try to be brief.

Thursday: i got to pete's house late afternoonish. we hung around for a while, got caught up on things. that night we went to go see hella play at the knitting factory in new york. it was such an awesome show. we had pete's grandma's personal driver drive pete, wes, and i into the city. it rocked. well the knitting factory is an awesome venue, i loved it. they had a bar, two stages, i think 3 or 4 floors of property, and an sort of upper deck to one of the stages, even though it pretty small. make believe played first, and i liked them a lot, their drummer had a keyboard set up in front of his kit where his rack toms would have been, and the kick fit nicely underneath. it was crazy i'd never seen a setup like that before, a lot of the time he played the keys with his right hands and drums with his left, very cool band. need new body was i guess spazcore? i don't know how to describe it, it was kinda cool at first, but it got old fast, and i didn't like them very much. then hella went on, i was so psyched, i got myself positioned right in front of zach (the drummer). he is by far the best drummer i've ever seen, this was my second time seeing hella, and if it's possible he got better. they played a 45 minute set, and zach just went all out the entire time, he was literally soaked in sweat. crazyness. anyways, after the show we found some kids that went to wes's school to give us a ride back and we walked home.

Friday: pete's friend john came over and we hung out most of the day. we took the train into hoboken to go see tilly and the wall. pete was so psyched for this show, he'd seen them once before and i was curious to hear what they sounded like. the band is a guitar player, keyboard, 2 female vocals, and a tap dancer used for percussion. insane. we took a cab from the train station to Maxwell's, another venue i liked a lot. the cab drive picked up some drunk guy along the way, that was interesting. we had a good laugh. the train took a lot longer than expected so we were sorta scrambling to get there in time. we got to the place as they were playing, we only caught 2 songs, but it was definitely worth it. they put on a great show. after they played, we were back by the merch table, and we noticed someone by the bar. after convincing ourselves that we were sure it was him, we went up and said hey. it was connor oberst!!!! he is my idol. it was soo cool to get a chance to meet him, i shook his hand, i'm proud. i'll probably be bragging about this for a while so sorry if i repeat it to you. after that we talked to the guitarist from tilly and the wall, he was a real nice guy. we took the train back then walked home again. we were walking up the hill and there was this flickering light and then i noticed a guy walking underneath it, i turned back again and it looked like he was running, so pete and i ran like little girls up the hill all the way home. it was so much fun.

Saturday: well we slept in and hung around the house all day. we saw "Little Giants" on tv, and had far too much fun watching it. such a classic movie. we went to the mall at night and had an intersting time. we went to barnes & noble and were looking around for a while. i bought the hobbit (i've always wanted to read the lotr series) and 'a heartbreaking work of staggering genius' by dave eggers. everyone i've talked to has said good things. i need to finish reading 'anthem' by ayn rand first. it's a great book, i just got into it today. thanks to dustin. well, pete found this really old baseball card on the shelf, but on the back it had 'AFTER DEATH?'  written in pen. it was really weird, i guess you had to be there. we were kinda freaked out. so we blamed everything that happened from then on on the card. we were walking by a card store later and decided to buy a pack for old times sake. (we both used to collect basketball cards). we had a thing where we'd weigh the packs to try and get better cards because the inserts are usually a tad thicker than the rest. so we convinced the guy to let us do it. i decided not to buy a pack because i didn't want to spend the money but pete did and he pulled a yao ming autographed rookie card. crazy. it was because of the death card though. then pete bought some fuzzy sunglasses and we went home :/

Sunday: slept in and stayed at my grandma's place. we went out to eat at this italian place and i ate far too much. hah the waitress gave me a wine glass though and poured me wine, i guess she thought i was 21, it was cool.

Today: well today i went to guitar center and bought some practice equipment for my killer setup in my closet. hah. then i went and bought a big yankee candle for my room to make it smell nice. i love the summer. we were at my grandma's for most of the day but then we left to come back home. on the way down i went to a show in sayreville. Murder by Death, Minus the Bear, and Braid @ The Starland Ballroom. you know i think new jersey's venues are much better than arizona's. this place was awesome as well. murder by death played perfectly as usual. i got some pictures and took some video clips from my parents' camera, so i can show people later. minus the bear played really well too, i like them a lot. and then braid who i wasn't going to stay for played well. their drummer was really good. i guess they broke up 5 years ago and this was their reunion tour. i stuck around for them because it seemed special that they were playing again i guess. i read an article on them in the AP magazine i bought at barnes and noble that claimed they created what is now the midwest emo scene so yeah.

well i guess that's all. sorry for all who read that, as it was a waste of time. but wutev, writing is relieving me of my boredom and my insomnia. hope everyone is having an awesome summer. take care.


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