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eighteen seconds before sunrise [Jun. 17th, 2005|10:17 pm]
[mood |nerdynerdy]
[music |Isis-Oceanic, Cursive-Such Blinding Stars for Starving Eyes]

well i've decided to update the lj again this summer. mostly because of boredom. don't feel obliged to read any or all. people should update more. tyler's the only one :< (thank you tyler for that i'm still a devoted reader) i feel healthily separated. but still would like to know how everyone's summers are going.

anyway, the trip out was kinda average. well, there was a tornado warning on our way out in oklahoma city. but i guess there always is. i think it's been storming there every time we've driven through. the first few days here weren't too great...there were no waves, so there was nothing to do. cameron came out last thursday though, and he just left yesterday :< but we had a good time. it's still kinda dead here though...everyone's still in school. we went to the boardwalk a few times, lots of walking on the beach, sorry if i called you. hmm..saw mr. and mrs. smith, and then the next night saw this awesome interview with angelina jolie on a&e with james lipton from inside the actor's studio. james lipton is incredible. if you have not seen him you should. i have to say i've changed my mind about angelina jolie too. i used to think she was overrated and was sort of against her, but after hearing her in the interview i must say i'm somewhat attracted. umm oh we watched i <3 huckabees, which i enjoyed a lot, but i need to watch it again. my sister came for 2 nights......with her new boyfriend. he's a nice guy, but he's not greg. so that was a nice little period of awkwardness with the family. it was weird having her here....without greg. and with some random guy. as long as she's happy :/

now for a rant: the ocean is so clean now, it keeps getting better, you can see the bottom in like 9ft of water it's nice. new jersey is shedding the stereotype. the waves lately have been awesome. two days ago it was blowing offshore and the waves were really clean and glassy and was probably my best day surfing ever. yesterday it was really big. storm came. yeah. a dolphin scared the shit out of me the other day because i thought it was a shark and there was an attack about an hour north from here. there was a middle aged man in a wetsuit laughing at me because of course he saw the whole pod of them. also, cameron saw a seal near the shore.

i got my parents hooked on curb your enthusiasm, so i've been watching that all night. my brother john is coming down with his wife and 3 kids next week. so i'm psyched to see the nieces/nephews. i'm stuck in the past. they're all so old now. june, gretchen, and (possibly) danielle come out the 26th! i'm really psyched for that too. i think we're spending a few nights up with pete then he's coming down with us back here. that should all be a lot of fun. can't wait. hmm..then after they leave, there's an open week, like the only one all summer, but i think trev and ryan may be secretly planning a road trip out here. i told them to not tell me if they were so it would be a surprise. any bets on how far they'll get? ahh i'm sooo excited for europe...italy and ireland for 12 days...oh man. i'll take lots of pictures. sigur ros is playing the night we leave....in rome.....so bummed.

today was boring. there were no waves. i slept in. and then...i don't know what else. the day disappeared. oh i was gonna go to modest mouse....but tickets were $40 before ticketmaster charges and such...and i was gonna go. but i didn't want to drive an hour to find that my name wasn't on their tickets list cus i was going to buy them like an hour before the show. oh well. tomorrow i'm going on a 2mile run in cape may point for some sort of thing. i don't know quite what. but my mom signed me up. wohoo.

i hate mosquitoes. i am plagued with bites.

i'm gonna try and post pictures later, but i don't feel like figuring it out at the moment. hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.

[User Picture]From: azhaydenvocals
2005-06-18 11:58 pm (UTC)
JOE! I freaking love you man. Arizona has been so lame lately. It has its moments, but I am overwhelmed by boredom. Hence the lack of updates. I'm gonna start it up again now that I know someone reads. Sounds like Jersey is treating you well. Angelina Jolie is a BABE! Mr. & Mrs. Smith was awesome. I love I <3 Huckabees. Kinda confusing the 1st time through though. Hope everything is going as awesome as possible. Watch out for those killer dolphins. Haha. Wear bug-off or whatever and kick those mosquiots' ass. Good luck with the run tomorrow. Keep counting the days 'til Ireland & Italy. And post a lot of pictures!!!! Take it easy Joe.
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From: mockdeathorange
2005-06-19 12:41 am (UTC)
Dude, I miss reading your summer posts. ITs been soo long. I wish you were here! I have to book this show and I want you guys on it.
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[User Picture]From: missingyou115
2005-06-19 12:44 pm (UTC)
i cant wait...see you one week from today!

happy father's day too
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From: savagelucille
2005-06-20 02:09 pm (UTC)
You crazy ass mother fucker. bitch.
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